As a result, the Lightning Strike blasted a hole through the Corpse General's body. The flesh under the gray-white winding sheets was scorched black. Half of its shoulder was gone.

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Su Xiaoluo giggled and said, Is smiling all you can do? You should try your best to remember who you are instead, you can't live at my house for so long, the others would...would misunderstand it... Su Xiaoluo's voice became softer, as she felt rather embarrassed when saying that.


As he thought about the villagers that Fang Gu had killed to avenge his people, and his son who he didn't know anymore, he suddenly felt dispirited and fell to the ground, as if he had lost his soul.


It was too late to cast another Soul Impact. Besides, under the effects of the Focus Necklace, the Soul Impact might not be enough to interrupt the channeling.


A chill ran down their spines simultaneously.


Mo Fan immediately let out a relieved sigh after she was gone. What had happened to her lately, was she possessed by the Eight-Nation Alliance?!

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Huo Tuo could not do anything, either. Mo Fan simply did not want to sell it, regardless of what he was willing to offer!

What should we do? Once these things break through our defense, we'll simply be slaughtered by that giant corpse! yelled Wang Tong.

The villagers had protected by the God of the Well for generations. The undead that everyone was afraid of were merely animals roaming aimlessly around their village. Some said that they were the descendants of some deity, hence the filthy creatures did not dare to invade the sacred village.


The third floor was a little attic. One could see the Clock Tower Magic Association through the window.


Yao Nan glanced at the enormous Corpse Official and panted heavily.

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As everything returned to normal, Wang Tong finally burst out cursing, This stinky thing only lasts for such a short time?

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